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  LL.M. in Practice Skills

The LL.M. in Practice Skills helps J.D. graduates meet increased demand for skills as an essential component of practicing law. Program participants will have the opportunity to develop and hone their skills in critical areas such as client interaction, document drafting, negotiating, litigating, and running a law firm, with a focus on any of the following core areas:

- Transactional Law

- Civil Litigation

- Criminal Practice


Here is some additional information about the program:

Program Length: The program is 24 units that can be taken across one academic year. 14 units form one of the three core areas above, while the remaining 10 are entirely elective. Core and elective courses do not need to be taken in a particular order.

Hands-On Learning: Program courses either simulate or engage students directly in a real-world environment, with multiple opportunities for performance, feedback, and self-evaluation.

Widely Accessible: Students from around the country and the world are encouraged to apply, contributing to what is among the most diverse law school campus in the nation.

About LL.M. in Practice Skills

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